Technology wood is becoming increasingly popular in the furniture industry

Technology wood is becoming increasingly popular in the furniture industry

According to the analysis of China's natural resources survey, the total area of mountain forests in China is 158.94 million square meters, with a reserve of 12.5 billion square meters, ranking fifth in the world. But the average per capita accounts for only one sixth and one eighth of the global average.
It is not difficult to see that due to the rapid development of the economy, the production and manufacturing of wood cannot be considered, and the demand for wood is also slowly growing and thriving. Therefore, we have found a new material to fill this gap, thus creating a technological wood that can replace wood.
Technological wood has not changed the external economic and physical structure of pure natural wood, and the relative density and strength of wood are better than that of pure natural wood. Compared to pure natural wood, technological wood has unparalleled advantages.
Technology wood is becoming increasingly popular in the furniture industry.
1. Bright colors and many lines
Technological wood products can be drawn through computers, allowing pure natural wood to have no hue or pattern, with brighter colors, stronger texture levels, and cooler and more attractive pattern designs. We should fully consider the choice of human consumption concepts and the diversity of perfection.
2. Better product features
The relative density and static pressure strength of technological wood are superior to pure natural wood, with corrosion resistance, insect resistance, water resistance, and easy processing. In addition, we can also produce different width specifications according to different requirements, thereby overcoming the limitations of pure natural wood diameter.
3. High utilization rate of finished products and more economical interior decoration
Technology wood does not have natural defects such as wormholes. And its lines and colors have a certain period of time. So in the process of decoration design, it effectively prevents natural wood products from being difficult to assemble due to differences in lines and colors.
4. Correctly guide new green lifestyles
The emergence of technological wood is a substitute for increasingly scarce forest resources. It not only considers the actual effects and uses of different green plant decoration designs, but also enables the sustainable development of precious natural resources, becoming truly low-carbon and environmentally friendly products.
Technology wood can be widely used in industries such as furniture, wooden flooring, and windows.
Among them, one of the products sold is craft wood decorative design veneer as a decorative design material. With its irresistible popularity among more and more industrial manufacturers, these manufacturers have used technology wood decorative design veneer as their key raw material to replace natural wood.