Classification of Furniture Leather

Classification of Furniture Leather

The types and quality identification of furniture leather are closely related to our daily lives. Our commonly used leather sofas, belts, shoes, clothing, and bags are all related to furniture leather. Nowadays, there are many types of furniture leather, and here we will only introduce the commonly used pig leather.
1. Pig smooth surface
The ordinary pig smooth surface is processed by different leather making processes on the surface of pig skin. First, the surface of the skin is coated with slurry and then colored. The ordinary pig smooth surface has a glossy surface, and the pore arrangement is very regular. Generally, the three pores are grouped in a triangular shape, and the quality of the pig smooth surface varies depending on the region and the leather making process. This will not be explained in detail. Pigs with good quality have finer grain size and a soft feel. Due to the continuous improvement of leather technology, pig smooth surface can now be processed into many different types of furniture leather.
Antique effect, which mainly lacks luster, and some antique leather can also have some dark patterns.
Embossing effect: Embossing effect is to press strips, blood veins, etc. on the surface of furniture leather.
The lychee grain effect is sometimes similar to the coarse grain cowhide effect, but it is fundamentally different from cowhide. The characteristic of lychee grain is that the skin is slightly thicker than the ordinary smooth surface and the grain surface is rough.
Light coating effect: The surface of this furniture leather is not coated with paste, but directly coated with different colors, with a slightly darker gloss than ordinary smooth surfaces. This leather has a better hand feel than ordinary smooth surfaces, and the furniture leather has a drooping feeling when held in hand.
Water washing effect: The smooth coating of the water washing effect is also thin, which is not very different from the ordinary smooth surface. The difference is that it feels softer than the ordinary smooth surface. You can directly use water to clean stains on clothes.
Wipe leather, this type of furniture has different colors on the surface and bottom of the leather. After being made into a finished product, you can use sandpaper or other materials to wipe the surface of the clothes in the place you need them, making your clothes a more fashionable style.
2. Pighead suede leather
Ordinary top layer suede leather is processed on the reverse side of the leather top layer. The surface of suede leather has short and fine fuzz and a layer of highly directional mercerization on the surface. Sometimes a small number of pores can also be seen.
The top layer of suede washed leather has a better feel, more elasticity, and a drooping sensation than regular suede leather.
Top layer suede modified leather, which is leather that has been modified on the front or back of the skin. It can be made into varieties such as printing, film application, and oil film.
Printing is generally processed into different patterns on the glossy side of suede leather. The film application is a layer of film applied on the velvet side of the suede leather. This type of furniture leather has a particularly bright light and is a relatively fashionable type of leather, but its disadvantage is poor breathability.
Oil film leather is a raw material made by rolling a layer of three types of oils on the plush side. It can be processed into oil film leather with a vintage effect, and it is normal for some lighter color creases to appear when encountering folding or wrinkling.
3. Pig suede leather
There is a fundamental difference between pig suede and top suede, as the suede is slightly thicker than the top suede and the triangular pores on the pig skin can be seen. The softness and tensile strength are far inferior to the top layer suede leather, and the opening of the leather is much smaller than the top layer. Double layer suede leather can also be processed into many different types of modified leather like top layer suede leather, as the price of double layer suede leather is cheaper and does not show the level of clothing. So we rarely use this type of furniture leather for domestic sales.