Characteristics of Decorative Wood Peel and Dyed Wood Peel

Characteristics of Decorative Wood Peel and Dyed Wood Peel

Dyed wood veneer is a veneer made from dyed wood. Dyed wood veneer is a new decorative material made by using high-tech processing technology to color and defect treat natural wood.
The characteristics of dyed wood veneer mainly include the following three points:
Natural texture: Dyed wood veneer retains the original natural touch and texture of natural wood due to its natural finish being dyed.
Zero surface defects: During the processing of dyed wood veneer, natural defects such as wormholes are eliminated, making the surface smoother and more comfortable in appearance and feel. Rich in color, diverse in variety, and convenient for construction. Simply use varnish to achieve more realistic color effects.
Green and environmentally friendly: Dyed wood veneer not only strictly follows the relevant national formaldehyde release standards for production inspection during the processing process, but also avoids the consumption of rare tree species in the use of raw materials, making it more green and environmentally friendly.
The characteristics of natural decorative wood veneer:
Decorative wood veneer is like his name, it grows naturally and is not controlled by humans, so the lines look natural. Various natural decorative wood veneers are products that save resources and labor costs in the home decoration industry. For example, the surface of large boards in furniture production can be directly covered with decorative wood veneer on blockboard, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, and hard fiberboard, thereby directly becoming decorative wood veneer without the need for decorative veneers. Meanwhile, decorative wood veneer can be directly used as edge banding for wallpaper or furniture.
The technology wood manufacturer tells you that the prominent characteristics of decorative wood veneer are: low price, good quality, excellent quality, diverse styles, and convenient use.