Introduce you to dyed wood veneer

Introduce you to dyed wood veneer

Dyed wood veneer is a beautiful and exquisite new decorative material made by using high-tech processing technology to defect treat and color natural wood veneer. Dyed wood veneer has always been said to "originate from nature and surpass nature".
So what are the advantages of dyed wood veneer?
Dyed wood veneer is a beneficial supplement to natural wood veneer. Due to the common problems of insect holes, stuttering, dead color, and decay on the surface of natural wood veneer, bleaching, dyeing, and other processes can effectively eliminate color differences in wood core and edge materials, as well as material inspection in the morning and evening.
Secondly, the colors are rich and colorful. After bleaching and dyeing, the color selection of the wood veneer is more diverse and flexible, leaving designers with rich color imagination space and adding many colors to the living environment.
Thirdly, the full utilization of rare wood. Various rare and precious woods can be restored, allowing many consumers to fulfill their desire to bring home various and even extinct tree species without having to bear expensive costs. This is the "finishing touch" of dyed wood veneer.
Due to the fact that the price of dyed wood veneer is generally lower than that of natural wood veneer, and it maintains the immutable texture of natural wood veneer, which is more natural and aesthetically pleasing, and can meet the needs of consumers in terms of grade, quality, origin, color, pattern, and smoothness. Therefore, dyed wood veneer is widely used for decoration on doors, bathrooms, kitchen doors, etc.