The advantages of dyed wood veneer

The advantages of dyed wood veneer

Dyed wood veneer is a new and exquisite decorative material that uses high-tech processing technology to handle defects and color natural decorative panels. Now they are collectively referred to as dyed veneer. Due to its flexibility in color, it is a beneficial supplement to natural veneers. It provides designers with a space for color imagination and adds many colors to their living environment.
The surface of dyed veneer treated with dyed wood veneer is smooth, not only rich in color, but also can meet the requirements of different decoration places and the texture preferences of most buyers.
It is possible to restore various rare and precious wood, dye the bark, and enable many consumers to fulfill their wishes by moving all or even extinct tree species home without having to bear high costs. This is the "finishing work" of dyeing wood veneer.
Dyed wood veneer can complete the transformation of original wood defects. Technology can also overcome the inherent defects of natural wood, such as discoloration and wormholes, in order to better ensure and optimize the combination of natural wood and natural wood.
Therefore, overall, the common saying for dyed wood veneer is' originating from nature, surpassing nature '.
So what are the benefits of natural decorative wood veneer? It is reported that the raw materials for natural decorative wood veneer come from pure nature, with unchanged texture and a more natural and beautiful appearance. If the inner core is made of solid wood material and the surface is made of various natural veneers, it will have a strong three-dimensional and artistic feeling, and the furniture leather will have the characteristics of not deforming and not warping.
Compared to dyed wood veneer, natural decorative wood veneer is more expensive. Meanwhile, due to the wide selection range of natural decorative wood veneer, it can meet the needs of consumers in terms of grade, quality, origin or color, pattern, and surface treatment. Therefore, natural decorative wood veneer is widely used for decoration on doors, bathrooms, kitchen doors, etc.