Tips for purchasing panel furniture leather

Tips for purchasing panel furniture leather

Veneer: It is more difficult to distinguish between paper veneers and wood veneers for panel furniture skins. The simplest method is to observe the pattern of furniture leather, which has natural knots, color differences, and texture changes. Furniture leather veneers are divided into melamine veneers, solid wood veneers, cat's eye paper veneers, fireproof board veneers, and so on.
Among them, melamine veneer has strong practicality in terms of scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, and water immersion resistance, with diversified and three-dimensional texture patterns. Furniture leather veneers come in various styles, which mimic solid wood furniture overall and appear high-end. Cat's eye paper veneer and fireproof board veneer are relatively low-end finishes. The price of cat's eye paper veneer is cheap, but its practicality is poor; Due to construction reasons, the impact of furniture fireproof panels on the environment is relatively small.
Edge banding: Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of furniture leather edge banding materials, and pay attention to whether the edge banding is uneven or warped. It is recommended to pay special attention to whether all six sides of the furniture leather are sealed. Despite the use of formaldehyde free adhesives, furniture leather based panels will produce more or less volatile gases during the production process, and the edges will be tightly sealed. Of course, the environmental protection of the room is still good.
Firmness: The first is the gap between the furniture leather door and the drawer. If the gap is large, it means that the process is rough and will deform after prolonged use. The second one is a single or double packaging box. Dyed wood veneer should have a layer of panels called double layer packaging boxes. The furniture with double layer packaging boxes made of dyed wood is both beautiful and sturdy.
Paint: Are there any stripes in the paint? Is the corner paint too thick? Are there any cracks or bubbles? These need to be carefully checked. Also ask the salesperson how many layers of paint have been applied to the furniture. Of course, the more times furniture leather is used, the better.
Hinge slot: From the hinge grooves and perforations, it can be seen whether the furniture leather material is medium density or particleboard. The best method is to carefully observe the exposed hinge grooves and perforations of the internal structure, and you can check whether to use particle board or particle board. Medium density board.